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You’ve been mulling over your business idea at your job, in the shower, to your friends. Maybe it’s time to really go for it and pitch. The Pitch Show is where you can make it happen.

Maybe you’ve gotten your business started yet need help to build it. The Pitch Show can help with cash prizes for winners.
Your business is operating, but not enough people know about it. Along with frequent live shows, The Pitch Show is live–streamed around the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pitch at The Pitch Show?

To participate in the upcoming pitch show, it is necessary to schedule a pitch meeting with Alan first. During this meeting, you can provide some details about your business, and we can evaluate whether your pitch aligns with our audience’s interests.

How much time do I have to pitch

You will have 2 minutes to pitch. It is important to practice and prepare your pitch ahead of time to ensure that you can deliver it confidently and effectively within the given time limit. Remember that time management is key, so prioritize the most important points and avoid going off on tangents or getting bogged down in too much detail. Good luck with your pitch!

What questions will the audience ask?

It’s hard to predict what questions the pitch show audience will ask, but that’s the fun part of it! Being kept on your toes and adapting to unexpected inquiries can make for a more engaging and dynamic pitch experience.

Can I pitch Multiple times if I don't win?

Yes, it is possible

Pitch at The Pitch Show

Ready, Set, Pitch.

If you're an entrepreneur excited about presenting your business idea to a live audience, you can sign up and participate in the pitch show. To determine if your idea is a good fit, you'll need to schedule a pitch meeting with Alan to discuss potential next steps.