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The Pitch Show
A Business Pitch Competition Like No Other

The only thing more exciting than the business ideas being presented is the sheer amount of fun you will have! Transforming music and comedy clubs into a magical arena where early-stage entrepreneurs come to showcase their business AND compete for cash prizes. These special people are dreamers, strivers, and the not-so -well-connected chasers of the giants in their industry. Join us for an unforgettable night of good drinks, laughs, fun stories, and being a part of someone's entrepreneurial journey.

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In between pitches, a live band plays dance music, keeping the energy high and the atmosphere lively. To add to the entertainment value, contestants must share three secrets about themselves. The audience then votes to determine the winner, making this a fun opportunity for entrepreneurs to showcase their ideas while having a good time.

The Pitch Show

A Pitch Competition unlike any other

The Pitch Show offers a  twist to the typical pitch show format. Set in a comedy club, it provides a unique and enjoyable experience for all. Aspiring entrepreneurs have a set amount of time to deliver their elevator pitch to a live audience.

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We believe in the power of entrepreneurship to create positive change, and we're excited to be a part of that journey for these aspiring business leaders. We can't wait to see the incredible ideas and businesses that will emerge from this pitch show, and we're honored to be a part of that process.

If you're looking for a unique and exciting evening out, our live pitch show is an event you won't want to miss.

Are you a company that's passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation? We're excited to invite sponsors like you to join us in empowering visionary entrepreneurs and bringing their ideas to life! Your support can make a difference in helping them achieve their goal. Let's work together to create a brighter future for early-stage entrepreneurs!


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Meet Your Host

Alan Siege is a seasoned small business management consultant based in New York City, with over two decades of experience enhancing the visibility and business models of solo professionals and small retailers. 

He founded The Pitch Show in 2019, an innovative contest that provides a stage for early-stage startups in local bars and clubs, emphasizing support for under-connected entrepreneurs. 

Alan holds an MFA in Performing Arts Management and an MBA in Entrepreneurship, and he teaches business courses at various colleges throughout the city. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife, Anne, and their three children, embodying his belief in the vibrant potential of local communities.

From Pitch to Success

How The Pitch Show Empowered Entrepreneurs to get closer to Their Dreams

The Pitch Show continues to impact entrepreneurs’ lives by providing a platform to showcase their ideas and gain exposure to potential investors and customers. We are grateful for the opportunity to create a space that empowers these entrepreneurs to achieve their goals. We are excited to continue supporting many more entrepreneurs through The Pitch Show, providing a valuable platform for innovation and growth.

"I used the prize money to rent out the space to teach my plant-based cooking class."

Quiaufa "Sherri" Royes is Executive Chef and Owner of Quiaufa's Kitchen. She grew up in the Brownsville area of Brooklyn, New York. From a young age, she learned to cook with her grandmother and studied The Food Network programming. She founded Chef Sherr's Catering LLC in 2014, with a focus on preparing international soul food. Quiaufa's Kitchen now focuses on providing healthier versions of traditional southern cuisine, with health-conscious dietary features such as reduced sodium and sugar alternatives. In Quiaufa's Kitchen, soul food means food that makes you feel at home. On the use of the $1,000 she won at the Back-to-School Edition of The Pitch Show, in May 2023; I used the prize money to rent out the space to teach my plant-based cooking class. I also used it to buy supplies for the class such as knife sets, oven mittens, spatulas, peelers, and garlic pressers. I purchased the ingredients for my lesson as well as plates, and utensils. Lastly, I used it for pantry staples also known as seasoning. I purchased herbs, spices, vanilla, and vegan mayo. Winning the prize money was essential to my business because it made my goal a reality. It helped me to do something new with my business that I haven't done before. The prize money helped challenge myself in a way I haven't before. Most importantly it helped families learn how to cook healthier meals in their homes.
Quiaufa "Sherri" Royes

“Pay it forward"

I'd like to thank Mr. Siege and everyone else involved in The Pitch Show for the opportunity to compete. It is an honor and a privilege to be apart of things like this and I take it very seriously. I practiced my pitch as much as I possibly could and prepared for as many questions as I could. This experience has made me want to pay it forward. I want to host my own pitch competition someday for early stage entrepreneurs in an effort to support and uplift them. Thank you again
Ben Atkinson

"increase inventory of the hats made"

My pitch was nfc chip powered hats that can share information through your clothing. The $500.00 prize money was used to increase inventory of the hats made. 30 bucket hats were bought, and then a designer was paid to distress them to give it the aesthetic look . Additionally the high quality patches and nfc chips were bought from a manufacturer. I have currently made numerous sales on the hats and I continue to develop the platform to accommodate more people. The next steps would be getting a provisional patent application for the technology to protect the idea. Then mass production and advertisement can begin !
Akil Foster

"re-instilled my confidence "

Receiving one thousand dollars towards my current business venture was an exhilarating experience. More than a dollar amount, winning first place in the prize show re-instilled my confidence in pursuing my business. With all the excitement of winning, I was left to decide how I could use the prize money to further my business. My first expense was to cover those basic costs of starting a business. Filing the documents, paying the fees, and purchasing the required signage from the Department of Labor.
Alicia James

"I used the $500 to cover some production expenses for an editorial photoshoot in Paris that ended published on Malvie, a French magazine for this December Issue! "

Founded in 2015 in Mexico City by Jesus M. Olalde, MAXMOUDER is a ready-to-wear brand with a direct-to-consumer concept. MAXMOUDER was born as a sustainable, gender-neutral and minimalistic alternative to the fashion system. MAXMOUDER aims to address the relentless design, production and consumption cycle endemic to the industry. Inspired to create the ultimate wardrobes for those with shared values, aesthetic, timeless taste and a unique expression of what luxury dressing can be. Designed in NYC and made in the USA and México, MAXMOUDER represents practical urban minimalism — crafted with the finest materials and the best manufacturing practices. I used the $500 to cover some production expenses for an editorial photoshoot in Paris that ended published on Malvie, a French magazine for this December Issue!
Jesus M. Olalde
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